Piedmont Gives Back


Piedmont Payment Advisors, LLC has been a vendor partner of the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association since 2009. GVMA member practices receive a very competitive price, a free VX 520 credit card terminal, free paper, and superior customer service. 

A royalty, equal to 15% of the gross profit of the program, is returned to the GVMA and earmarked to subsidize the costs of member's continuing education. The average member practice is saving over $3600 per year. To date, the highest member savings has been  $17,400 per year over their previous vendor. Several practices joined the program with little or no savings to take advantage of our superior level of customer service. As of June 2018, over 75 GVMA member practices are saving over $25,000 per month. Royalty payments to the association should exceed $20,000 over the next 12 months. Please contact me for a list of member practice references.    


Timothy G. Reeves