Credit Card Terminals

Counter Top Credit Card Terminal Security

When used properly, a modern counter top credit card terminal is the most secure method of processing credit card transactions. At a time when the next headline grabbing data breach is a mater of when and  not if, protecting your customer's credit card information is more important than ever. Modern terminals like the VeriFone VX 520 that we provide are amoung the most secure in the industry. They meet the latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and provide "end to end" encryption of credit card data and a robust tamper detection system.

Always keep the terminal in an area that is not easily accesible to the public. With the VX 520, an attempt to alter the terminal will result in a "Tamper" warning on the screen and the inability to accept transactions.

New clients will be provided a VX 520 at no cost. It will transmit payment authorizations over a telephone or internet connection and will accept contactless transactions such as Apple Pay and Android Pay . We are also able to provide a variety of mobile and virtual  payment solutions if needed.